Smoke Stripe C9505

Smoke Stripe C9505

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Smoke Stripe C9505 is one fabric in a series made of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns in a jacquard weave, which creates a decorative finish. Zenith has a 4% openness and comes in 6 colors. It is lead-free, flame retardant, GREENGUARD ® certified and is treated for antimicrobial protection. Shades wider than 98” will need to be railroaded, which can require a seam.

Smoke Stripe C9505 is part of the Zenith collection of shade fabric and has an openness of 4%. Openness speaks about the amount of light that is able to pass through the fabric. A low openness factor means that the fabric is more tightly woven and there will be lower visibility through the shade with a higher degree of light control. A high openness factor provides a looser woven fabric and consequently greater visibility.

4% openness is on the low end for commercial or office window treatments and will restrict more light while providing increased privacy. It will also allow for less view through.

Openness Factor: 4%

UV Blockage: 96%

Flame Retardent: NFPA 701 TM#1

Bacteria & Fungal Resistant: ASTM G21 & ASTM E2180

Low Chemical Emissions: UL Certified GreenGuard Gold UL 2818

Lead Free: Yes

Fabric Composition: 15% Polyester/85% Vinyl on Polyester

Weave: Jacquard

Roll Width: 98”

Solar Optical Properties

Solar Transmittance PerCent: 13

Solar Reflectance PerCent: 44

Solar Absorption PerCent: 43

Visual Transmission PerCent: 12

Shading Coefficient Using:

Single 1/8” Clear Glass: 0.48

Single 1/4” Clear Glass: 0.47

Single 1/4” Heat Absorbing Glass: 0.39

Insulating 1/2” Clear Glass: 0.46

Insulating 1” Clear Glass: 0.43

Insulating 1” Heat Absorbing Glass: 0.32

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