Eggshell/Fog C8312

Eggshell/Fog C8312

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This series of fabrics is a 2x2 thin basketweave that is available at a variety of price points and openness factors. The fabrics have a clean and consistent weave, as well as superior hanging quality. Thin weave means that larger shades will be lighter, and when raised the roll will be smaller. Crosshatch R Series is available in 1%, 3% and 5% openness, each in 11 colors. It is lead free, flame retardant, GREENGUARD ® certified, and is treated for antimicrobial protection. The fabric comes 118” wide, which reduces the chance for seams, even on very large shades.

Openness Factor: 5%

UV Blockage: 95%

Flame Retardent: NFPA 701 TM#1

Bacteria & Fungal Resistant: ASTM G21 & ASTM E2180

Low Chemical Emissions: UL Certified GreenGuard Gold UL 2818

Lead Free: Yes

Fabric Composition: 21% Polyester/79% Vinyl on Polyester

Weave: 2x2 Thin Basketweave

Roll Width: 118”

Solar Optical Properties

Solar Transmittance PerCent: 14

Solar Reflectance PerCent: 55

Solar Absorption PerCent: 31

Visual Transmission PerCent: 13

Shading Coefficient Using:

Single 1/8” Clear Glass: 0.41

Single 1/4” Clear Glass: 0.40

Single 1/4” Heat Absorbing Glass: 0.35

Insulating 1/2” Clear Glass: 0.38

Insulating 1” Clear Glass: 0.37

Insulating 1” Heat Absorbing Glass: 0.28

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