I have discovered a small privacy screen that is ideal for vision lites in doors. It is smaller and neater than traditional roller shades or miniblinds. It adds privacy to existing vision lites, providing complete blocking of vision and light. Even better, it’s attractive. The frame is available in ten colors to match any door. The construction is a 1-1/4” x 1/4” frame on 4 sides with radius corners, mitered and welded.  7/8” deep slots on both sides do not allow any light —even on the edges.

A spring-operated roller in an aluminum housing with black endcaps allows for controlled opening and closing of the unit.  Push-button closer quickly and easily rewinds shade. Roller Unit extends 1” from frame face.

A durable 100% opaque black, light blocking fabric material, attached to a rigid pull-bar mounted into the top and bottom channels.  The shade slides with ease and locks into the closed position.

Easy to Install
Basically a peel and stick installation. No screws or drilling. Attaches easily to wood or steel doors. It doesn’t protrude from the door like a blind or traditional shade, which makes it superior to other products that are attached to doors.

Tested to 10,000 operating cycles, the Privacy Screen has a five-year warranty.

Vision blocking for schools
This screen absolutely blocks all vision, providing total privacy. It engages in just a second, with no cords, chains or flaps to mess with. Prepare for lockdown situations by blocking vision into classrooms where students and teachers may be sheltering in place. The new retrofit Privacy Screen can be added to existing vision lites on doors to block light and provide privacy into the classroom. Handy when showing projections, too.

Light blocking for laboratories and microscopes
This screen blocks all light, making it ideal for a microscope room. It’s easy operation means lab professionals can have complete darkness in seconds, without any fuss or wait.

Vision and light blocking for business
Conference rooms and offices often need to block vision to insure privacy, or to block light for projected information. This Privacy Screen delivers, without being obtrusive or unsightly.

Two types of vision lites
Check out our product pages for more info. The Privacy Screen is available for narrow lites and half lites for doors. [X] Now a version is available for sidelines up to 22” wide and 88” high. [X]