About Us

Buffalo Contract was founded in June of 2008 in Garland Texas. Our mission is to sell and install commercial window coverings in north Texas. Since that time we have furnished thousands of blinds and shades to schools, offices and government projects. We work mostly for general contractors on new and remodel projects. We also sell directly to building owners and managers.

We discovered that customer service is more than a set of goals and procedures. You have to work at it constantly. Every phone message must be answered, no ducking calls. Every email must be dealt with the same day it is received. When we promise to be somewhere at a set time, then we make certain that we are there. We always tell our customers the truth, even if it hurts.

To our surprise, that philosophy set us apart as one of the best-regarded contractors in the Dallas area. Just showing up on time and doing what you say is a big deal in construction. A couple of years ago we installed roller shades in several new stores that were built around Dallas and Fort Worth. The general contractor who built the stores liked our products and service. He was building stores in Georgia and surrounding states and wanted our roller shades. Since it wasn’t cost effective for us to travel so far to measure and install the shades, we trained his people in how to do it. We have the shades shipped directly from the factory to his jobsite.

That is working well, so now we are taking our customer oriented attitude to a wider audience. We’ll be adding products and features to help you manage your projects. We joined the Better Business Bureau to give people who never heard of us some assurance that we’re on the level. Visit this site from time to time and see what we’re adding each month.

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